Customer Reviews

What a great value. Delicious custard in many shapes, flavors, and configurations. A very helpful and friendly staff combined with great prices.
Heather & Larry M

This is a great custard place. It blows Culver’s out of the water. The quantity of custard you get is phenomenal. I went to a custard place in Rolling Meadows, IL called “Comet’s” and got a medium. Now keep in mind there was a small option as well. The medium took me two bites and I was done. At Gators, I got a small and it was huge! Worth a visit.
Richie Rebmann

Gators is our favorite place! The menu provides lots of options. Nice patio area.
Carmen Perkins

Perfect stop on a hot day! Don’t have the time to stop? No problem, they have super fast, friendly, and efficient drive-through service. Many flavors and variations of yummy delicious treats! The cost is moderate and worth the taste sensation! 🍨🍧🍦
Ken Bass

This place has been around for years. We love going to get turtle sundaes or anything with extra pecans ( worth the upcharge)! Recently our friends from Florida visited and said the staff was super friendly and let them sample a new dessert. Love supporting small business and this is a good one!

If you want to visit a local ice cream shop this is one to stop at! The people that are working are super nice and everything is reasonably priced.
Chelsey Foreman

The concretes we ordered, were amazing.
We also liked the fact that they have custards for dogs!
Lyn Blair

Frozen custard, say what! Yummy. I kept it simple with a twist cone but the family turned it up with dirt worms… And loved it. This has been a vacation of ice cream treats. This town may need some other things to do so I don’t get fat… But sure is tasty.
Aaron Prohaska

Excellent ice cream, excellent service
Eric Johnson


Absolutely love their options. The servings are large and the prices match, but the food is great. The kids love all the different choices and flavors.

Waylon M.

There is a reason fabulous is in the name. It simply is. Lots of choices, all very tasty. Just the sort of treat one needs after standing outside in the sun for several hours!