About Gator's

What is Frozen Custard?

Fresh frozen custard is prepared fresh at the place of sale. A true custard is a gourmet ice cream treat. It contains milk, butter and eggs – all natural food products. It is considered a dense dessert with no “air” pumped into it (like traditional soft serve ice cream). It is known for it’s creamy texture and smooth consistency.


Custard Ice Cream originated on Coney Island in about 1919. It was sold as a carnival treat and quickly grew in popularity. In the coming years, custard could be found in Atlantic City and other East Coast resort communities.

By 1932, the Kirkhoff family of Lafayette, Indiana opened a shop and is considered the oldest continuously operating custard stand. In 1933, it was introduced to the Chicago Worlds Fair. Following the fair, the dessert became popular throughout the Midwest. Milwaukee, Wisconsin has the highest capita concentration of frozen custard shops in the world.


About Gator’s

Why is Gators Fabulous Frozen Custard so great and special? Harry Klaus has been in the dairy business for over 25 years. Harry and Bill Reidelberger opened Gator’s over 20 years ago. Harry and his family eventually took it over completely several years later. Continuing the tradition to this day, Gator’s secret recipe is to offer the best quality custard and soft serve ice cream available along with great customer service.

We feature the finest soft, and creamy Vanilla Custard which can be put into a concrete and make your own flavors of ice cream!! A concrete is when the ice cream and toppings are all mixed up.

We offer soft serve Vanilla, Chocolate, Twist, Orange Sherbet and so much more.

We do have a Drive-Thru; Pull into the lot and drive around the building!

Great Patio, with lots of room to relax and enjoy amazing ice cream.

Why Gators?

Gators’ uses our own blend of wholesome, natural tasty ingredients to create the creamy frozen custard our customers have been enjoying for 25 years. How is Custard made? Our custard is made every hour on the hour. Our very own mix is poured into our machine and whipped into frozen slabs where it falls into a scooping container. Unlike soft serve, our machine adds very little air making for a nice thick creamy treat.


Gators Giving Back

5% of all sales are donated to Safe Families for Children, a family preservation movement motivated by radical hospitality, disruptive generosity, and intentional compassion to keep children safe and families together. They bring church and community together mobilizing an army of volunteers to advocate for vulnerable children and socially isolated families


5% of all sales are donated to The Restore Network. The Restore Network was created to help the church respond. We link arms with those on the front lines of foster care through long-standing partnerships with child welfare agencies and court staff.

But, as a privately run organization, we can remain agile in our response to the foster-care crisis, allowing us to respond in realtime, as Christ would.


We encourage local youth teams to promote charity days where 15% of that day’s sales go to their collective.